Want to know how to enhance, and prolong, your tan safely?

It is important to understand that our skin completely regenerates after around 28 days, however with some simple tips we can enhance our suntan.

Firstly, exfoliate your skin regularly – and especially before tanning – in order to remove the dead cells on your skin’s surface and to prevent the dead skin from blocking the rays. This will guarantee better results from your sunbed session and more gloss to your skin. If you exfoliate after your sunbed session you will reduce some of the colour you’ve just gained, shortening the duration of your suntan. If you’re looking for a natural scrub you can make your own and there are plenty of options to choose from: granulated sugar mixed with honey, coffee and olive oil or ground oatmeal with a little bit of salt.

Moisturise your body regularly, concentrating on the more problematic areas, the ones that dry the quickest, for they can cause an uneven tan. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated. Dehydration is the great enemy of suntans and skin, it takes vitality and colour away from our skin, and increases the visibility of wrinkles. Have you ever noticed that coming back from exotic places we often lose part of our suntan? That’s the effect of the air travel which, with its dry air, accelerates the process of suntan loss.

Eat sun-friendly foods! Beta-carotene which is contained in all orange fruits and vegetables and cod liver oil can be converted in your body to Vitamin A, which stimulates the production of melanin. It also has a protective function from the harmful effects of UV rays. Beta-carotene also has countless advantages , such as a general protection from potentially harmful substances, a help for the sight, for tissue repair and to maintain soft and smooth skin. Certain foods are known to increase lycopene, the skin’s own SPF. An antioxidant found in tomatoes, and other red and orange fruit and veg, it can boost your sun protection by a whopping 33%. One of the best sources is tomato paste – spag bol anyone? Another hero is a group of antioxidants called polyphenols, green tea is a great example.

If your suntan is vanishing too rapidly remember to hydrate your skin often and, if you really need a more lasting colour, have a low pressure sunlamp session.

Now that you have read our tips you’re ready to go out there and tan safely and responsibly, and make sure to enjoy every minute of it!

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