This is another one that owners start off well with all good intentions, then neglect. Without a shred of doubt,
a badly maintained sunbed will be less reliable. Each and every breakdown will cost you more in repair
and lost custom than the service that could have prevented it. And each service will probably prevent many
breakdowns, not just one.
The biggest enemy of a sunbed is dust. The fans draw in massive amounts of cooling air whenever the sunbed
is on. If it contains filters, remove and wash them regularly, or have somebody do it for you. Dust eventually
causes overheating, which causes internal electrical components to fail. As mentioned in the ventilation section,
the overheating also causes the output of the UV lamp to drop, even if the lamp is new or nearly new. Also,
the dust settles on the glass of the lamp, and the inside of the acrylics, massively reducing the amount of UV
transmitted to the customer. And remember you initially went to all that cost and effort to get the best sunbed
tubes in the first place! For me, failing to maintain the sunbed properly is bad for your business on many levels.

At SMART SUNBEDS we offer a professional sunbed service to help you keep all you machines in a good clean working order so they can continue to earn the business money.

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