Vyper is the result of three years of study of Smart Technologies.

It is born to be the best high pressure tanning bed in the world.

Thanks to his six columns (three on the top, three in the bottom) and 36 dichroic lamps, gives auniform and gold tan with the same intensity all over the body.

The special filter system UviSol 95 select only the “good” UV preventing the photoaging.

Vyper have also an high level comfort: it has an ergonomic acrylic bed, air condition and a breezersystem that sprays drops of water by 160 nm of diameter that refresh without wet the customer. It is possible to use aromatic water to make aromatherapy.

With “Tan-test” Vyper recognizes your photo-type and automatically adjusts time session and power to get the best tan result without risks.


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September 15, 2016

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