Alien is the facial solarium of the future. It uses 6 lamps for the face, disposed with different angles, studied with complex tridimensional software. This allows the Alien to reach full tan potential in just 8 minutes. Furthermore the use of dichroic parables increase energy efficiency, increasing tan performance.

Some characteristics of Alien 6 are:

  • Regulation of the lamps on four power levels by the command panel
  • Patent system TanTest® that automatically sets the time and the power of the treatment
  • Touch panel on the command board

Also available:

  • Backtanner. With low pressure tubes
  • Handtanner. To tan your hands with low pressure tubes.
  • Electric legs support.

Posted on

September 15, 2016


  1. Florance bride

    Absoultey amazing so impressive i worked for a tanning salon in Liverpool called indigo sun who have these beds wish I had one at home i wish you an your company the greatest success for the coming furture

    • David Williams

      Thank you for your great feedback. we supplied Indegosun with some machines


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