Vyper 36H


Vyper is the result of three years of study of Smart Technologies.

It is born to be the best high pressure tanning bed in the world.

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Vyper 36H is the open design tanning bed that brings you a full high pressure experience, keeping the advantages of Low pressure technology as long duration tanning and Energy savings.

With 6 high pressure lamps on all the body, and the rest covered by low pressure tubes, you will get a fast tanning result, in full comfort.

Vyper 36H includes all the features of high end Vyper line, such as Vocal Synt (a voice guide for the session), Breezer (a water microdrop system that refresh the user) and TanTest, to get you the right tan, just for your skin.

You will be able to turn on only high pressure module, or just low pressure, to satisfy everyone, all in a premium Italian design.

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