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hi-sound tantest   

If you are looking for a low pressure booth that gives color to your saloon, Gold is the right machine. This colorful tanning booth puts together the high performance with a young and fresh design that will gives to your saloon a new-dimension of low pressure tanning.

Like all Smart Solarium machines Gold have an high profile performance, still remaining suitable for the relevant regulation.
Comfort will be total: security plexiglass covers the lamps and the open modules will prevent from claustrophobia, keeping the tan at the maximum level.
In the special series with 56 tubes the machine will be able to tan in only 8 minutes.

Gold is available in the following configuration:

GOLD 36 100 Tanning Booth 36 tubes by 100 W
GOLD 48 100 Tanning Booth 48 tubes by 100 W
GOLD 36 Tanning Booth 36 tubes by 160 W
GOLD 40 Tanning Booth 40 tubes by 160 W
GOLD 48 Tanning Booth 48 tubes by 160 W — BEST SELLER
GOLD 56 Tanning Booth 56 tubes by 160 W
GOLD 48 XL Tanning Booth 48 tubes by 230 W
GOLD 56 XL Tanning Booth 56 tubes by 230 W — AMAZING POWER (8 minutes session)

You can also personalise Gold with the sequent images:

Platinum is a sensation device that allow you to maximise space, profit and satisfaction of your customer.

*customisation is only on the door

You can also choose to put your logo or image on the door, so you will have a unique tanning booth!

On REQUEST you can have:

  • AUX IN for External MP3 Player
  • Backlit Lightroom
  • BREEZER, for a fresh water cooling of the user
  • Vocal Synt, to guide the user step-by-step all during the session
  • LED cieling, the most amazing chromotherapy ever seen in a tanning booth

NOTE: All the GOLD delivered after 1st June 2014 will have black chassis.

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